New Delhi:
The Supreme Court today pulled up the central government over the deteriorating air quality in Delhi. “You see how bad the situation is….even in our houses, we are wearing masks,” Chief Justice NV Ramana, who headed the bench, said.

Here are the Supreme Court’s top quotes on this big story:

  1. “You tell us how do you plan to take emergency measures? Two days lockdown? What is your emergency plan on lowering AQI (Air Quality Index) levels,” Chief Justice NV Ramana said.

  2. “Why are you projecting like pollution is because of farmers? It is only certain percentage of pollution. What about the rest? What are you doing to control the pollution in Delhi? We have nothing to do with which government ….state or centre.You tell us what is your proper plan…not about 2-3 days,” Chief Justice said.

  3. “It has become a fashion for every one to bash the farmers. You banned firecrackers but what abt what has been happening in last 5-6 days,” Justice Surya Kant said.

  4. “Emergency situation right now and needs immediate emergency measures. We can’t get into research institute reports now,” he said.

  5. “You opened all schools 2 weeks back but all these kids are exposing their lungs to this hazardous air. You gave us AQI level of over 500 yourself,” Chief Justice Ramana said.

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